Monday, 11 June 2012

Runway Modelling

Runway modelling is seen as the most glamorous side of the industry – beautiful women and men showing off the collections of the world’s most famous designers. From Simply Ties accessories to footwear and high end fashion, there are a number of things runway models need to help promote. Becoming a runway model is hard work, and you will have to meet a very stringent set of criteria to be in with a chance.

Runway models have to meet specific height, body shape and health guideline:

Runway Modelling – Female

-          5’9” to 6’ tall
-          16-21 years old
-          dress size 6 (UK) or 4(USA) maximum
-          Straight, white teeth
-          Good hair
-          Symmetrical facial features
-          Good body tone
-          Clear Skin
-          Personality, ambition and dedication

Runway Modelling – Male

-          5’11” to 6’2” tall
-          18-25 years old
-          140-165lbs weight
-          Good teeth, hair and skin
-          Good body and muscle tone
-          Confident, responsible and organised

It may sound obvious, but runway models have to be able to wear the clothes in the designer’s collection. They must have a feel for how the fabric moves, and be able to walk and turn to make the clothes the star, not the model. Most runway models will have the classic high cheekbones, wide eyes and full lips, but they shouldn’t distract attention from the clothes.

Patience and confidence are key attributes for a runway model. Backstage at a fashion show is a chaotic place, and models are usually straight out of one outfit and into another. This can also involve changes in hair and make-up, which will mean you are pulled about by a number of people in order to get you back on the runway as fast as possible. You need to be able to keep calm in hectic situations, and walk down the runway professionally, no matter what has happened backstage 30 seconds beforehand.

Most runway models also do a lot of print and promotional work, but it is the runway that kick-starts their modelling fame and that’s why it’s the holy grail of the modelling industry.

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