Thursday, 24 May 2012

Child Models

All parents think their children are beautiful, but only a few actually encourage their children to model. If you’re considering modelling as a career for your child, then you will need to consider how much time and money you are willing to give up to achieve your dream. To find out more visit

There’s always a call for child models, and in many cases, there’s not much distinction between child models and child actors. Children are used to model kids’ fashions, to promote lifestyle products and services and to advertise products specific to young people.

As with all modelling, child models are subject to the whims of the businesses involved, the art directors and the photographers. They will want a certain look; whether it’s curly haired babies, or pre-teen attitude. This means that lots of child models have to learn to cope with rejection, and their parents need to be able to handle it too.

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your child turns up on time and is properly prepared. Be warned: photographs, TV adverts and live events all take time to plan and execute so there will be long periods of waiting, and entertaining your child before they get in front of the director. They will also have to get used to working with other models or actors, so they will need to be friendly, flexible and adaptable in order to be successful.

Before putting your child forward for modelling work, talk to agencies like ours about what’s involved. You can tell us what your child’s talents are and we can talk you through what to expect. You may decide to limit your child to certain areas of work – this reduces the stress for you and your child, and interferes less with their “normal” life at school or at home. You have a better chance of getting work for your child if you are close to where the advertising agencies are; usually in the big cities like London and Manchester, where media companies are looking out for distinctive children.

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