Thursday, 24 May 2012

Children’s Clothes and Kids’ Clothes in Seasonal Demand

Fashionable children’s clothes and kids’ clothes, must-have toys and state-of-the-art gadgets – Parents particularly spoil their kids at Christmas time and birthdays. They want their tots to look their best in their Prams & Pushchairs.

Christmas is a magical time for kids, and the perfect time to buy quality, fashionable children’s clothes and kids’ clothes. Surveys suggest that British parents are more prone to spoiling their kids at Christmas. And keeping them in trendy children’s clothes is a top of the wish list for many.

Quality children’s Clothes in Demand

Quality children’s clothes and kids’ clothes are incredibly desirable for many parents who want the best for their youngsters. And peer pressure means looking good has never been so crucial. In one survey, one in five parents said they would forgo paying bills in order to meet the demands for designer children’s clothes and kids’ clothes, gadgets and toys.

Kids’ Clothes and Pester Power

Pester power is one of the major driving forces behind parent’s choices, and more young people hanker after fashionable children’s clothes and kids’ clothes then ever before. So much so, that many parents are willing to sacrifice their own seasonal outfits, recycling old clothing to afford fashionable children’s clothes for their kids.

In the survey by a leading financial group, parents would rather spend their money on children’s clothes and kids’ clothes then:

  • Keep up to date with the bills
  • Keep their own hair style up to date – a quarter said they’d sacrifice a haircut in order to pamper their kids
  • Buy up-to-date fashions for themselves

Arm Twisting Tactics

Children are experts at twisting arms and getting their own way, and the worst age group for stomping their way to the catwalk are the five to seven age groups. Christmas is a particularly demanding time, but more parents would rather buy quality children’s clothes and kids’ clothes then waste money on gadgets and toys that will lose their appeal after a day or two. On average, around a quarter of parents spend over £300 on their children at Christmas time.

Stylish Kids’ Clothes, Gadgets and Toys

It isn’t just stylish children’s clothes and kids’ clothes that are in demand – mobiles and computers top the list too, as do trainers and state-of-the-art prams and buggies for babies. Of course, fashionable baby transport is more an expression of the parent’s sense of style then the child’s. Fathers in particular are more susceptible to buying gadgets such as baby-carrying devices and upmarket car seats. Some research suggests that the fact many mothers are giving birth later in life, means they tend to be more affluent and therefore able to buy the best children’s clothes and kids’ clothes available.


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