Monday, 11 June 2012

Behaviour Tips for Modelling

How you behave during your modelling career will have a direct influence on how you are perceived by agents and clients. Showing an interest in fashion and accessories can go a long way. Many models dabble with making their own jewellery with a jewellery starter kit or fashioning their own clothes to suit the tastes of the agents or clients they are meeting.

There are some notorious examples of bad behaviour in the modelling industry. Some models are as famous for their tantrums as their beauty. In the long run, it’s safest not to let your ego get in the way of your profession, but the modelling industry is tough, and you’re bound to feel angry, insulted or maligned at some stage.

That’s why agents say that you need to have plenty of self-confidence to succeed as a model. Photographers, directors and clients are already busy and often stressed, and they don’t need you adding extra hassle to their day. On the other hand, the stresses involved often mean that the very same people can create an atmosphere that’s very hard for a model to work in, and you need to be able to approach such situations in a calm manner so that the job gets done.

It can help to learn some ways to deal with the stresses that you may encounter. Yoga encourages calm and inner strength, and teaches techniques to control your breathing, which in turn can diffuse your temper in a difficult situation. It can also help you relax.

Keep a sense of perspective. Even if everyone around you is having trouble, if you can focus on the job and keep your professionalism intact, you will have contributed to the success of the shoot, and the people involved will remember that you stayed calm under pressure.

If you do lose your temper, or have a problem, always explain and apologise if necessary. Most workplace strains and stresses are down to a lack of communication, and people are always receptive to an explanation of your circumstances.

If there is a recurring problem, speak to your agent. It’s better to find a reasonable way of sorting things out that losing your temper and walking out. That just reflects badly on you and could have a disastrous effect on your modelling career.

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