Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Designerwear - Just One Click Away from Delivery

As retailers accede to the demands of a nation full of lethargic shoppers, designerwear has never been easier to get hold of, with most labels delivering items at the click of a mouse. 

A quietly powerful  revolution is upon us.  It has been upon us over the last ten years and has slowly pushed high street shopping to the sidelines as it steadily becomes the new way that everyone - young and old – does their shopping.  From throw-away fashion to designerwear, home electrical items to appliances, and from gifts to groceries, the internet is a virtual alternative to the hassles of shopping reality. 

Over the years, retailers have found new ways to bow down to the consumer's every want and need.  Where busy mums used to take young babies and toddlers to the supermarket, internet shopping has come as a more convenient replacement.  Where car shoppers compared prices at every dealership in town, price comparison websites have eliminated that trouble.  And where top Going out dresses
were only available in rare boutique clothing stores, the internet has made designerwear readily available for everyone. 

The internet has changed designerwear and its target audience forever, making it available for anyone who has access to a computer.  Today, that includes most people. 

Designerwear and the Internet

Online retailing is growing ten times faster in the UK than it is in the US, according to the industry body, Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG).  There is a common misconception that internet shoppers are bargain hunters -  the reality is, in fact, quite the opposite.  Internet shoppers know what they want and this has opened a door of opportunity for designwear and retailers who sell high-end brands. 

Internet shopping, serves, first and foremost, the purpose of convenience.  Shoppers are happy to pay for upgraded delivery service if it means that it is more convenient for them, and consumers enjoy the anticipation of delivery for designerwear, expensive electrical items and luxury purchases.

Although there is a certain level of excitement related to online shopping for designerwear, or otherwise, customers are not happy to wait too long...

Designerwear – Why Wait?

Waiting more than a couple of days is something that shoppers today, simply do not do.  Waiting has become unacceptable in the retail world, and shops who offer a shorter delivery period will prevail over those who offer longer delivery periods.  Ten years ago, delivery of designerwear or other purchases could take up to four weeks.  Today, designerwear is delivered at a click of a button, with customers wearing a “why wait?” mentality and retailers acceding to demands. 

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